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Pensions for the elderly now will not decrease if decrease the minimum subsistence level. From such adverse fluctuations in them will protect the amendments to the law on State social assistance. The text of the document is published in the “WP.

Under current law, if the pension is falls short to the level of the subsistence level, the State makes him supplement to pensions to its size as a result in no case was below this fence.
But subsistence-the inconstant. It depends on many factors, including inflation. Andthere are times when the cost of living in the new year becomes lower than in the previous year. In this case, the pension supplements also decreased.

With the new year, anything like this will never happen-no matter how declining subsistence level of a pensioner, his pension will be below.


As previously reported by the Minister of labor and social protection of Russia Maxim Topilin, regional social pensions supplements will be allocated from the federal budget next year 6.4 billion rubles.


Funds for regional social pensions supplements will be given 13 regions totalling 6.4 billion. There the regional minimum subsistence level of a pensioner is set higher than Russia, and the total amount of payments to a non-pensioner below the regional subsistence level, “said Maxim Topilin.


Regional supplements to retirement from the federal budget will be allocated 6.4 billion rubles
Also in the “WP published today, another “pensionlaw is also amended the law on State socpomoshhi. The gist of it is that set a single deadline for the review of the pension support and a list of payments to account for their establishment. So, when you change the values of the subsistence level in the region are reviewed from January 1 of the year that has this value.


Change amount surcharges can and if the pension became another in connection with the indexing or recalculation (for working pensionersAugust 1 they make allowance for the pension on the basis of the amounts paid for these contributions). And in this case employees pension fund of Russia (FIU) shall adjust the amount of the additional payments during the month. As “WP the Ministry’s press-service, the amendment is more technical in nature, because earlier the FIU all recalculations did for a month, but now this rule is fixed by law.


Increase of pensions for the elderly and disabled, more than 30 years working in the countryside, has been postponed to the year 2020. This Act is published today in the “WP on page 20. As explained in mintrude, according to the law of December 28, 2013 year of insurance pensions villagers with seniority must pay increased pensionplus 25 percent of their insurance pension or a disability pension. But due to economic problems, this rule has not yet acted, the timing of its entry into force. The size of the pensions of the villagers do not decrease.