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In Russia the first time fines may be imposed for webshops who cheat buyers. If fraud is proven, the sellers will have to pay up to half a million rubles.
Amendments to the law “on protection of consumer rights prepared by the Agency, offer to assign to Internet sites to the same extent as in ordinary shops. That is, fines could be civilians from 3 to 5 thousand rubles, officials from 12 to 20 thousand rubles, and for legal entitiesfrom 100 to 500 thousand rubles.

In the original version of the document for the unscrupulous shops wanted to punish more and websites aggregators, but then decided that they should not bear the responsibilities and liabilities of the seller, told rossiyskaya Gazeta in the e-commerce industry association (AKIT). This means that if a buyer will be faced with inferior goods, he must claim and claim damages from the seller, not the aggregator.


In fact, From the “WP told that it is too early to tell exactly how the scheme will work punishment sellerscheaters in the Internet. The document is still under discussion.

Rospotrebnadzor has opened a hotline for those who encountered the deceit whenshopping online
With regard to the scheme of actions of the buyer, which collided with a similar violation, it is simple written complaint in consumer rights, and then either settlement or trial, AKIT.


And complaining about it since yesterday. With 6 on 20 February, will operate Fromhot line” for buyers, which are faced with poor-quality goods, the incompatibility of the requested prices, delivery period and so on.


According to the Office, hot line” was timed to coincide with the world day of consumer rights, which this year will be celebrated March 15. Date and motto-“consumer rights in the digital ageidentified International Federation of consumer organisationsConsumers International (CI).


By the way, consumers will be able to not only complain, but to consult about buying goods and services via the World Wide Web and their return. And yet-learn abouthow to make a claim and get acquainted with human rights practices in this area.

The situation in e-commerce have long attracted attention, given the growth of sales in this segment. According to expert estimates, the volume of online sales in Russia in the year 2016 can exceed mark in 800 billion rubles.


Hot line” never hurt, believes the managing partner of the company 2 k” Tamara Kasyanova. And here is the punishment “to the fullest extent of the law is a purely Russian specificity. “ According to her, in developed countries, such problems are solved within the system due to the ratings of the sellers and feedback on their work. Unscrupulous sellers tend to immediately vykidyvajutsja from the system due to complaints. Buyers very carefully buy from those who have little rating or bad reviews. Increase rankings and similar facts are excluded again by the system itself. Then there is the Internet regulated itself successfully, the expert notes.


800 billion rubles amounted to online sales volume in Russia in the year 2016
It is necessary to harmonize regulations in normal trade, the head of e-commerce companies Association (AKIT) Alexei Fedorov. We believe that in each site that has a” buy “button must be all the information that is in a corner of the consumer,” he said. Going to a regular store, we can easily find a place where hanging out complaints book and find out who owns the shop. Most of the sites are owned by private individuals, which without prompting the police sometimes find simply impossible. “


As noted by the head of the Bill amendments AQUIT may enter into force as early as this year. On the assumption that they will be adopted by the Parliament in the spring session.