Return to citizens of Ukraine snatched off they have constitutional rights

The three-year anniversary of the February coup d ‘ état the year 2014

Last December, Dorogomilovskij District Court of Moscow acknowledged the events of November 2013February 2014, Ukraine coup d ‘ état. In view of the approachingthree-year anniversary of the coup d ‘ état should again recall the importance of theRussian court decision for the citizens of Ukraine.


In 1993 year CIS member countries signed the Convention on legal assistance and legal relations in civil and criminal matters “, under which a decision of the Court the Dorogomilovsky automatically, without the use of special procedures is recognized as signatories to the document. At one time, the Ukrainian Parliament ratified the Convention, and today from a legal point of view, the decision of the Court with the phrase “in the name of the Russian Federation” automatically sounds like Name“.

Dorogomilovskij District Court of Moscow held that “revolution was a violent seizure of power. The Court interviewed witnesses, among whom were deposed by President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and former Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov, and many other former Government officials of Ukraine.


Setting the fact the coup d ‘ état, Dorogomilovskij Court, characterized the currentUkrainian authorities as illegitimate. Now it’s legally established fact.


As a result of the coup d ‘ état in Ukraine was split society. Those territories and populations which have to exist in conditions under the coup regime has grasped power illegally held referendums and adopted decisions on self-determination. The regime’s response to these decisions led to civil war, which resulted in several thousand people have been killed, hundreds of thousands lost their homes and were forced toemigrate.


Dorogomilovskij of the Moscow City Court found as a fact that all events in Ukraine in 201314 Gg. clearly traced the interference of United States and European States.On zashumevshem in Kyiv Maydan travelled in those days, us Senator John McCain, the United States Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland, the head of the European Union on Ukraine Jan Tombinski and many others stubbornly call Maidan “peace“. Western politicians openly pressed for President of Ukraine and leaders of law enforcement agencies with the requirement not to use weapons against “peacefuldemonstrators who every day have acted more and more brazen and eventually moved on to direct terror tactics.


Still not investigated the appearance on Maidan unknown snipers, in the heart of the Ukrainian capital killing dozens of people. In those days in Kiev died and ordinary citizens and law enforcement officers. However, February 21, 2014 onwards, the day when signed the “agreement on the settlement of the political crisis in Ukraine, Verkhovna Rada under pressure from militants maidana adopted the law on the prevention, prosecution and punishment of individuals regarding events that took placeduring peaceful gatherings, and repealing some laws of Ukraine“, which was a signal to armed assault official buildings in Kiev. This law (it is also called the amnesty law) exempts from prosecution all those who committed crimes during the events in Independence Square from November 21, 2013 year 2014 year in February. In the list of articles under which are exempt from criminal liability of participants of those eventsrobbery, banditry, creation of a terrorist organization, total 80 articles. Most of them provide for criminal liability for crimes deemed serious and particularly serious.


In this, with indulgence, particularly emphasized law say the need to destroy all traces of crimes, prohibits the collecting and storing of evidence related to the crime. Even trees were sawed down on Maidan with traces of bullets that can be used to determine the location from which fired “unknown snipers.” There is this law and mentioned that the prohibition on the investigation concerns only the participants of maidana, but not those who tried to resist them. They were just attracted to responsibility. The Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine to this day continues to institute criminal proceedings against those who, in performing their official duties, tried to prevent unrest and violence.


The Court showed that the law “on non-prosecution and punishment …”, as well as other decisions of the Verkhovna Rada of those days were taken under rude pressure participants maidana. Deputies were beaten, forbidden to leave the Parliament building before the adoption of the “necessarylaws. One of the initiators of the Maidan Alexander turchinov, illegally introduced himself as the Acting President of Ukraine signed these securities in violation of the prevailing order, without examination by the Constitutional Court. Then these “legislative acts” contrary to all norms of law, determined the course of the extraordinary elections of the President and deputies of the Verkhovna Rada. Later were dispersed by dozens of judges, disagreeing with violations of the fundamental law of Ukraine.