Russians ready for Constitution Day

The majority of Russians 70 per cent unaware that 12 December Constitution Day is celebrated in Russia. However, as stated in the articles of the basic law, only 11% remembers. 41% of citizens have never read, and 24% poorly its content. Such data led the levadaCentre “on the eve of the day of the Constitution. Sociologists believe that in education, not enough attention is paid to the study of the legal and political foundations of the Russian State.

This is, on the one hand, the result of a lack of attention from the educational system to the study of the Constitution among Russians aged 18 to 24 years old itsnot read practically every second and, on the other hand, is caused by a low interest of citizens to legal and political foundations of the Russian State. No wonder instilling respect for the Constitution of the Russian Federation is one of the tasks of State administration in the field of patriotic education, “said pollster levada Center Karina Pipia.

Nevertheless, the majority of citizens — 38% — believe that the Constitution guarantees their rights and freedoms, and 25% do not doubt that the basic law is helping to keep order in the country.


In General, compared with the end of the 1990ies among the population increased confidence in the significance of the Constitution in the country, especially in the period 20142015, postkrymskogo Patriot rise, “said Karina Pipia.


Increase in the number of those who believe that the authorities comply with the Basic Law: these now 35%. In November 2013 year 27% thought so.


President of the Petersburg politics “Mikhail Vinogradov believes that the legality ofactions by public authorities citizens believe after a series of arrests of major officials. According to him, the authority raised it is the activity of law enforcement bodies in fighting corruption. In General, according to Vinogradov, in recent years, the Constitution has been decreasing gradually, appeals to her were rare and, as a rule, from the opposition Wednesday.


Political scientist Abbas Gallyamov said that any long-term trends poll did not show,walking back and forth. This, in his view, confirms a common assertion that for Russian society law has not yet become sacred cow, which is important irrespective of anything.”


Of course, people have heard of the word “Constitution, but because everything in life is largely determined by expediency rather than law, it remains for them an abstraction political scientist believes.


Lawyer Victor Naumov, in turn, be sure that the credibility of the Constitution undermines including is not always an effective level of law enforcement.


Low level of awareness among Russians about the content of the Constitution is, unfortunately, no doubt his show even many law students. The reason for this is asin the fall of the quality of secondary and higher education, and in the lower base level of legal culture in General — and of ordinary citizens and Government officials. Serious impact on the situation and practice: in circumstances where the laws regularly and extensively violated, respect for them automatically decreases, said Victor Naumov.