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Accumulated pension, which shall have the right to all Russians, born in 1967 and younger who are insured in accordance with the pension legislation in January 1, 2017 onwards will need to rely on the new formula. This is stated in the document, which is published in the “WP.

This federal law about the expected period of the payment of funded pensions in the year 2017. Its duration now 240 months rather than 234.
What does this mean in practice? It should be reminded that the old-age pension in our country consists of 2 parts: insurance and cumulative. Insurance pension is paidon the basis of pension points are assigned annually to each person depending on the premiums paid into the system of compulsory pension insurance and duration of employment. Each grade has its own cost. In order to calculate how much will be your insurance pension, need to know either the Pension Fund of Russia, either through the portal of services the number of accrued for all years of seniority points and multiply the cost of each score.
With regard to funded pensions, as recalled by the Ministry of labour and social protection, for its formation are responsible non-governmental pension funds and management companies. And how effectively they manage trusted them pension savings of citizens, like the size of funded pensions. And in order to understand which specific payments count person applies, and the expected period of the funded pension payments.


This figure, as explained in mintrude, is determined by the Federal law on the basis of official statistics on life expectancy of Russians in accordance with the methodology of assessing the expected period of the payment of funded pensions, approved by the Government.


Simply put, the expected period of payment of funded pensions is the average timeof payment of the pension. Expect this figure in 2015, the year when the method of estimation and the expected period of the payment of funded pensions. Then werebased on data Росстата, whereby men exit to retire at that time, Russia had a population of 870 169 people and women1 319 847 people. And then counted, that the average person will receive cumulative pension 261 a month.


The period of payment of funded pensions for pensioners 2017 years increased by seven months
But as soon as noted in mintrude, this figure is not steel. Decided to gradually approach to it. And this is no coincidence. After all, the longer the period of payment of funded pensions, the lower the monthly payment size itself. It is clear that each person has their own funded pension. Calculate its size is easy. Through site services in “personal cabinetinsured pension fund request accumulated on the account and divide the resulting amount by 240 months.


How many will turn out to be people on the deserved rest in the year 2017, receivemonthly in the form of funded pensions.