With doctor-only politely

The threat of doctors can be go under arrest
A bill providing for administrative detention even for doctors, i.e. without harm to their health, was introduced in the State Duma Tuesday. True, the arrest is the most tough measure envisaged document. Also for rampant rudeness against health workers proposed fining ranging from 1000 to 2500 rubles.

“Resurgence of attacks on medical institutions in the course of their official and professional duties, testify to the inadequacy of existing measures for their protection, including legal,” stated in the explanatory note to the document.


The changes proposed to the article of the code of administrative offences of hooliganism.


The topic of the protection of medical workers become relevant after several high-profile attacks on ambulances and medical personnel on duty in hospitals. On the supervising doctors typically attack inadequate relatives of those who need urgently to provide first aid. In their view, the doctors do not act strongly eagerly and professionally.


At the same time also quite explicit cases of lawlessness, where relatives severely beaten doctors, there are often cases where doctors just threaten. These “caring State that if their wife, sister, mother or anyone that something happens, the doctor is notsdobrovat’. And such incidents usually to proceedings in law enforcement do not reach.


If passed, the Bill, doctors essentially become inviolable for huligan’ja. Any threat to the health or life of a health worker will be an occasion for the institution of administrative proceedings. In the end, too impassioned relatives of patients will be sent to the camera for up to 15 days to cool their ardour. Or “beatthem in response ruble.


Earlier, Russia’s Health Ministry for an attempt on the life of health workers invited to punish for a term of up to life imprisonment. By the way, that document also provided for punishment and threats. So, according to the Ministry of the Bill, for it will be possible to sit for up to 5 years get under arrest for six months or be sent to forced labor. Violence against a doctor already faces up to 10 years.